Abortion Legislation Bill report presented to the house


Abortion Legislation Bill report presented to the house

Media release from the Abortion Legislation Committee

The Abortion Legislation Committee has presented its report on the Abortion Legislation Bill to the House. A copy of the report is available here.

The bill seeks to have abortion services provided like other health services. The committee has recommended, by majority, that the bill be passed with some amendments. These include amendments that aim to:

· strengthen the process and legal requirements for abortions that are carried out after 20 weeks

· express opposition to abortions for the purpose of sex selection

· provide timely and equitable access to contraception, sterilisation, abortion, and counselling services.

Hon Ruth Dyson, Chair of the Committee, said: "We would like to acknowledge everyone who submitted on the bill. Everyone’s submission was read and analysed and helped inform the committee’s consideration. We encourage people to read our report and to follow the progress of the bill in the House."

The Abortion Legislation Committee was established to consider and report to the House on the Abortion Legislation Bill and any associated business. Committees that are established for particular purposes continue in existence only until the committee makes its final report.