+That's Interesting

+That's Interesting

The Southern District Health Board is preparing a strategic case to adopt "generalism"  at Dunedin Hospital.  Mike Houlahan asks what generalism is, and what it might mean for patients and doctors

The number of British people choosing to pay for private hospital surgery has soared with the total amount spent doubling in six years to £1.1bn

Experts say cervical cancer could be eliminated in England through a combination of the vaccine and NHS screening

Overexercising and undereating, which can cause relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S), can affect fertility, bone density, energy levels and all body systems

UK health service will not gain commercial benefit from future Amazon products using its data

After 44 years of campaigning, Australian football veteran Neil Sachse hopes the development of new digital imaging techniques are set to change the way spinal injuries are treated

Patients in hospital should get used to seeing their doctors less as the health service reaches “crunch point”, one of the UK’s top medics has warned

The Hokianga Health Trust has long stood out as a success story in the delivery of health services to a poor, largely rural area. Greg Meylan asks why the trust is so reluctant to join the growing list of PHOs

Official  documents released this week show the Southern District Health Board should never have closed the Lumsden primary birthing clinic and the service ought to be restored, the trust which operated the clinic says

As we draw ever closer to election day on 12 December, politics and propaganda are dominating the news. Aside from Brexit, promises about the NHS have been at the forefront of the parties’ tactics to curry favour with the general public