+That's Interesting

+That's Interesting

The Canterbury District Health Board is refusing to say what steps it has taken since the sudden death of a highly-regarded doctor at Christchurch Hospital

A vaginal mesh implant made by one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical firms was launched despite the company being warned it could shrink and harden inside the body, company documents reveal

When Joelle Dupas falls ill, she goes to a medical centre in her home town in rural western France where all 12 doctors have come out of retirement

It was two punches that shattered my life and I've spent years picking up the pieces

New statistics, revealed in a University of Otago study, show almost one in eight New Zealanders over the age of 15 are on antidepressants despite little evidence the drugs are helping curb the country's alarming suicide rates

GPs are being promised extra money for cutting secondary care referral rates to 'below the average' in their area, in the latest 'cash for cuts' scheme to be unveiled by Pulse

More than 2,000 GP surgeries and hospitals in UK are in areas that breach WHO air pollution guidelines, study says

Valerie Mason-John had the odds stacked against her from the moment her mother abandoned her as an infant. Her upbringing in foster homes and orphanages led to a life of addiction, crime, eating disorders and even an attempt to take her own life. She managed to turn her life around to become an inspirational speaker, mindfulness advocate, writer, performer, playwright and counsellor. Valerie Mason-John is in New Zealand in November for public talks and a one-off workshop. She explains how she's overcome so much adversity in her early life to help others.