The New Zealand Medical Journal is out tomorrow


The New Zealand Medical Journal is out tomorrow

Media release from the NZMA

New Zealand Medical Journal, Vol 132 No 1505: 8 November 2019

The primary healthcare claims to the Waitangi Tribunal
Gabrielle Baker, Jo Baxter, Peter Crampton

What does palliative care look like in a New Zealand aged residential care facility when patients are admitted to die?

Eileen M McKinlay, Serena V Moran, Sonya J Morgan, Pakize Sari, Jill M Kerridge, Susan RH Pullon

Diagnostic delays and treatment challenges in children with coeliac disease: The New Zealand Coeliac Health Survey
Kirsten J Coppell, Rosemary A Stamm, Kiri PH Sharp

The costs associated with ankylosing spondylitis/axial spondyloarthritis in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Douglas White, Chunhuan Lao, Megan Williams, Ross Lawrenson, Nicola Dalbeth

IDI trends in antidepressant dispensing to New Zealand children and young people between 2007/08 and 2015/16
Nicholas Bowden, Sheree Gibb, Hiran Thabrew, Richard Audas, Justine Camp, Barry Taylor, Sarah Hetrick

Electric scooter injuries at Auckland City Hospital
Anna BS Brownson, Paul VB Fagan, Samuel Dickson, Ian DS Civil

Open Access - Untreated severe-to-profound hearing loss and the cochlear implant situation: how policy and practice are disabling New Zealand society
Lewis Williams

When every second counts: ampoule versus adrenaline auto-injector administration for life-threatening allergy
Elissa M McDonald, Emma Cooper

Supporting mothers, protecting babies for long-term health: establishing a pasteurised human milk bank
Maggie Meeks, Anthea Franks, Hazel McGregor, Rachael Lamb, Graeme Webb


Environmental influences on behaviour and health: a call for creativity and radical shifts in thinking within contemporary research
Matthew Hobbs, James Atlas

An open letter to general practitioners in New Zealand
James Church

Ethnic disparities in community antibacterial dispensing in New Zealand—is current antibacterial dispensing for Māori and Pacific people insufficient or excessive, or both?
Mark Thomas, Naomi Whyler, Andrew Tomlin, Murray Tilyard