Funding success for Otago in 2020 Health Research Council grants


Funding success for Otago in 2020 Health Research Council grants

Media release from the University of Otago

Ten University of Otago proposals have been awarded funding through the Health Research Council’s (HRC) new Health Delivery Research Investment round. The 32 research grants are the first of two funding announcements for the HRC’s new Health Delivery Research portfolio.

Otago has been awarded the highest amount of any New Zealand university, receiving $4,282,950 of the total HRC $14.4 million funding pool. Three of Otago’s Health Delivery Research Projects were each awarded over $1.3 million.

Professor Timothy Stokes, the co-Director of Otago’s Centre for Health Systems and Technologies receives NZ$1,399,512 over 36 months to research whether alliance partnerships between DHBs and Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) improve system performance and patient outcomes. This project will also explore how such partnerships improve system integration and equity, as well as generating evidence to support new models of healthcare delivery in Aotearoa.

Professor Pauline Norris from Otago’s Division of Health Sciences receives NZ$1,349,520 over 36 months to investigate issues around access to medicine. This project will be a collaboration between researchers and Pharmac to inform Pharmac’s work to improve equity in medicine use and access.

Dr Philip Adamson, of the University of Otago, Christchurch, receives NZ$1,331,290 over 48 months to investigate the potential for CT scans in the diagnosis and treatment of heart attack patients who would otherwise need to undergo the risks of an invasive heart angiogram.

Otago has also been successful in seven Health Delivery Activation Grants, which have an allocation of up to $30,000 each.

Professor Richard Blaikie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise, says such significant funding is a great result for Otago.

“We are extremely proud to see our researcher’s hard work and expertise being rewarded with this important funding. Dr Adamson, Professor Norris and Professor Stokes’ projects will each bring important knowledge to assist the health system deliver the best services to our communities. The seven Research Activation grants will also allow preliminary work to begin for future projects aimed at progressing equity and improving health outcomes.

The Health Research Council’s funding in these important areas is greatly appreciated and I wish the successful recipients the very best for the hard work they’re embarking on,” Professor Blaikie says.

A list of all 32 projects successful in this HRC Health Delivery Research Investment Round are below.

2020 Health Delivery Research Projects

Dr Philip Adamson, University of Otago, Christchurch CT to reduce invasive coronary angiography in acute coronary syndrome 48 months, $1,331,290

Professor Pauline Norris, University of Otago Access to medicines: Exploring lived experience to inform policies and programmes 36 months, $1,349,520

Professor Timothy Stokes, University of Otago Do district alliance partnerships improve health system performance and outcomes? 36 months, $1,399,512

Dr Tupa'ilevaililigi Ridvan Firestone, Massey University Tihei Rangatahi Programme – Improving hauora/oranga services for rangatahi Māori 48 months, $1,397,789

Dr Brent Gilpin, ESR Institute of Environmental Science & Research Unravelling the mysteries of yersiniosis 36 months, $1,308,050

Professor Jane Koziol-McLain, Auckland University of Technology Improving primary care service delivery for those impacted by violence 36 months, $1,399,996

Professor Beverley Lawton, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington Implementing HPV primary testing to prevent cervical cancer in NZ: Te Tai Tokerau 48 months, $1,398,122

Dr Alison Leversha, Auckland DHB Charitable Trust Reducing inequities in Well Child Tāmariki Ora developmental surveillance 36 months, $1,350,785

Dr Shay McGuinness, Medical Research Institute of New Zealand Cryopreserved vs. Liquid Platelets for Surgical Bleeding (CLIP-II NZ) 60 months, $1,399,921

Dr Peter Saxton, The University of Auckland Improving blood safety and donor selection 48 months, $1,398,606

2020 Health Delivery Research Activation Grants

Dr Sara Filoche, University of Otago, Wellington Reflecting informed choice in population screening: Progressing equity 12 months, $27,575

Professor Leigh Hale, University of Otago Maintaining of wellness of people with long-term conditions in southern NZ 12 months, $28,683

Professor Carlo Marra, University of Otago What is the societal preference for breast cancer treatment in New Zealand? 12 months, $29,822

Professor Pauline Norris, University of Otago

Measuring Turanga Health's impact on food security and food sovereignty 6 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Gisela Sole, University of Otago Patient education and self-management for painful shoulders 12 months, $27,023

Associate Professor Lee Thompson, University of Otago, Christchurch Gut symptom investigation – South Island (GutSI-SI) 6 months, $29,680

Dr Yana Pryymachenko, University of Otago The health economic case for implementing ACL injury prevention interventions 12 months, $29,845

Dr Angela Beaton, Auckland DHB Charitable Trust Activating communities to improve outcomes for wāhine Māori 12 months, $30,000

Dr Tania Blackmore, University of Waikato An evaluation of a health literacy intervention for men with prostate cancer 6 months, $30,000

Dr Gary Cheung, The University of Auckland Getting ready for the first clinical trial for Māori with dementia 9 months, $28,103

Dr Claire Gear, Auckland University of Technology Integrated system responses for families impacted by violence: a pipe dream? 12 months, $30,000

Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, The University of Auckland Activating grassroots New Zealand Pacifica participatory research 12 months, $29,239

Dr Gavin Harris, Canterbury District Health Board Correlating digital image features of breast cancer nuclei with molecular data 12 months, $30,000

Dr Nishi Karunasinghe, The University of Auckland Relationship building – Study on stratified PSA for prostate cancer detection 12 months, $29,999

Professor Tava Olsen, The University of Auckland Strategic next-generation metrics to ensure ED quality of care 12 months, $30,000

Mr Russell Pine, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington Mental health casual video game for adolescents 6 months, $30,000

Dr Simone Rodda, The University of Auckland Convergence of gaming and gambling in treatment services 12 months, $30,000

Professor Grant Schofield, Auckland University of Technology Scoping an online ‘research ready’ lifestyle programme for type-2 diabetes 12 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Tracey Signal, Massey University Intervening in sleep to improve perinatal mental health outcomes 12 months, $29,964

Dr Julia Slark, The University of Auckland Optimising compassionate care in acute hospitals: building the foundations 12 months, $29,967

Dr Hope Tupara, Tieki Limited Māori Uho Kuku Apparatus (MUKA) 12 months, $30,000

Dr Karen Wright, The University of Auckland Cerebral palsy and Māori health inequities in New Zealand 9 months, $30,000