Dear the doctor who chose to care

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Dear the doctor who chose to care

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Jazz Thornton
Voices of Hope co-founder Jazz Thornton says due to her GP’s intervention she was able to free herself of pain

Mental health campaigner Jazz Thornton is one of the founders of Voices of Hope, a mental health support group which has received national and international recognition. Here she writes to the Auckland GP who helped her

A few years ago, I walked into your office regarding a medical issue. I had a history of mental health struggles and suicide attempts, but I wasn’t se


In all the talk and the millions of dollars to be spent supporting primary mental healthcare, there has not been a word about supporting the Dr Stephanie Taylors, and a multitude of others in the GP world, who carry the burden of this sort of quality care in both time and money. Would sending this patient down the corridor at the 15 minute mark (if there was a corridor, and if there was someone with a high level of  expertise at the end of  it) have worked as well for this patient? The funds designated to support mental health with extended GP consultations in our practice is  now less than $200 intended to cover approx 4500 patients  for 1 month. The support for Primary Mental Healthcare needs to at the very least include the GP-Practice Nurse team, and build from there. However, as seems  customary, our role has been overlooked.