Indici: So many people to blame


Indici: So many people to blame

Jim Vause 2015

Jim Vause

reconstructed ancient Athenian trireme Olympias [photo: George E. Koronaios]
Health New Zealand 2020, “a rudderless trireme of ancient times”. [Photo: a reconstructed Athenian trireme – George Koronaios]
That is why we have a health and disability commissioner calling for continuity of care in general practice and health care homes that have trouble de


Jim are you really suggesting that someone like the ministry should fund an overarching platform that is a depository of medical data and that practices systems could dip in and out allowing greater functionality and a better overall experience for all using the system as well as the potential for the patient to have an involvement in their health record and continuous consistent care. Never happen. Shame on you. No one in the ministry or government would do that and save the millions of dollars frittered away by health managers all trying to invent the wheel and patent it before each other.

Oh Bruce, you spoil my plans. Actually, the one good thing to come out of the previous national government was their Health IT work exemplified by GP2GP but game playing by some key people ruined the potential for further gains. 

Hi, we have two clinics and have transitioned to Indici. The first in mid November and the second in early December. This was our business decision as an independent General Practice and not related to PHO decision or pressure. We are in East Health Trust PHO which has never been directive about PMS selection . The Indici team have been excellent, providing excellent training and support. They have listened and taken on board improvement ideas. We have only started to tap the excellent potential of this PMS. The easy remote access without VPNs or extra licenses is awesome. Managed to catchup with my inbox yesterday while a passenger driving over the Remutakas. Some of the issues you mention do not seem to be an issue for us and may be due to the filters that you have set on your login 1.prescriptions do show on the timeline 2.Problem list includes ability to Highlight , reorder problems, is fully Snomed compliant ( a huge leap forward from the very limited READ coding) 3.It is very easy to view the problem list and medications to the right of the notes , just click the tab , or open the problem list in full size 4.There is a very good Help manual in the menu , well worth having a really good read. It would be a great investment of your time if you are using Indici. Otherwise some one on one training might help you

Stupid question I know but what did to transition from?

MT  32  still  cant  graph  simple   BPs    consistently . MT   Evolution  on  the  cloud  also  has  this    flaw.  No  one  listens  , no  one  cares,  No  one  responds . Huge  nos  of  problems with  no  Read  codes  because they  don't exist in the Version  1.0 provided  by  the  Ministry  to  the  PMS from  1960  / 70 . Smoking cessation  recording is  cumbersome  , inaccurate ,   tedious   cluttering  and  wrong .  I  had  17,000 problems  when went from Profile  For MAc  to  MT 32. From MT  32 to  MT Evolution  many  of the  codes I  had  reentered  seem to  have been lost  and need  reentering  again . No   understanding  , no comprehension  , No  response . No one cares. The logic of  scripts  eludes me ; I  cant get enough  Soma Cubes to  stultify  the brain enough  to  give the  smooth     mouse    movements and glides  to   multiple clicks   necessary to   achieve the Nirvana  of a permanent   brain dead  smiling head  that  seem to  predominate in the purpetually  happy   beige   world  of bliss inhabited  by  the  delta minus  oxy  morons of  Alduous  Huxley's Brave New  World .  One  would  have  thought   simple  complaints   from  the   last  century  would have  been  sorted   before  selling   A PMS with  the same  problems   to    the  next  Generation .