Two years in, Pegasus cans Sirius software for general practices


Two years in, Pegasus cans Sirius software for general practices

Pegasus Health got the Sirius practice management system into three demonstration sites before pulling the plug
“It’s a terrible omission of a PHO that they spend several millions of dollars of basically public money and they’ve got to the end of a process, and


Gah! So much to say, but really I'm engrossed in reading the Simpson report. Onward. 

So predictable as are the flimsy excuses. So in conventional commerce the governance group who made the decision would fall on their scapel or be kicked out by the share holders. 


For Tim Bowden - what is "letting the side down" is the IT sector's "like it or lump it" approach to PMS adaptability - and that is bad for the health of our patients - and the mental health of health practitioners struggling with unfit for purpose products

Practice Management Software has been a disastrous for the profession.



Hi Marie and Alexander, 

I agree with you that things are not in a good state.  However I do not believe that the GP Networks' actions to control the PMS market has helped the situation in way at all.

What has transpired has been a digression for the networks and it has starved the PMS industry of income that could have been put into product development.  Central leadership has also been noticeably absent.  

However I believe that is now starting to change.  With Pegasus' withdrawal from the PMS market and the possibility of some much needed policy changes we have an opportunity to set things right.

Ideally we should have 3-6 competing vendors building a range of PMS products all designed to meet a set of national standards that encourage the exchange of high quality data.

We have done it before  (then lost our way somewhat).  With the re-establishment of a competitive market and some good central leadership, I believe we can do it again.