Review funding or all VLCA practices will be forced to close, says GP whose practice failed

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Review funding or all VLCA practices will be forced to close, says GP whose practice failed

Gene Dillman
At last month’s RNZCGP conference, Auckland GP Gene Dillman challenged the health minister on VLCA funding
An Auckland GP whose practice went out of business earlier this year fears the country’s Very Low Cost Access practices are headed for extinction.


So VLCA is a stupid idea - well bugger me!!!

What about funding the patient rather than a frigging letter box? 

Wake up Ministry if you are still open.

Stop playing politics with health Clark, everyone's sick of it. Significant money has NOT been put into General Practice, for the last 16 years we have been funded, and allowed to increase our fees, by a figure that is always less than true health inflation. That's why General Practice is failing, GPs are leaving in droves and it's such an unpopular choice. Add to this a disconnected minister with misleading patronising comments and you have a specialty in free fall.

We have all seen VLCA used as a weapon. It is absolutely unprecedented in the history of New Zealand where a Government has hugely subsidised one business more than another so that it can undercut the competition and gain market dominance. All the while 4 ministers have stood back and pretended nothing was happening, each one looking stupider than the last as it all plays out. There have been some reputations irrepairably damaged over this unjustifiable sham.

It is not just VLCA practices that are struggling! All the while we are supposed to be tell medical students General Practice is a great choice. Oh FFS.

The Minister responded by saying "My momma said life is like a box of chocolates.....maybe you should change your business model and sell chocolates..."