Primary care makes a stand on funding, seeks need and equity allowance


Primary care makes a stand on funding, seeks need and equity allowance

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GPs say the funding formula creates difficulties for practices
“We think it is really important to address the lack of equity base in the current capitation funding formula” Primary care leaders are pushing


What is needed is an increase in capitation funding to make up for the shortfall where it has not been matched to health inflation. This appears to be tinkering around the edges compared to what is needed to put us back to where we started 17 years ago.

No prizes for guessing why so few want to train to be GPs and so many are keen to leave the profession.


PHO's had ONE job to do for General Practice at PSAAP: they needed Government and DHB's to maintain the value of the funding in accordance with the undertaking in the original Provider Agreement. They failed abysmally. Instead they agreed that the steady erosion in value of the funding by not even addressing general inflation WAS maintaining the value. We won't even go into how they chose to ignore increasing utilization rates and compliance costs and how this further eroded the value of the funding. When they actually had the opportunity to push for funding changes, they once again rolled over and gave Government what it wanted without considering the implications for the actual providers. PHO's have failed General Practice and some of our supposed representatives betrayed us. It is time they stood up and took ownership of this incompetence and betrayal. Do I think they will ever ensure adequate funding for Primary Care and sustainable services? No. And it is an emphatic "no". And don't think for an instance that the Review is about adequate and sustainable services, it is about a political program - or maybe it is a political pogrom.

Agreed Bryan. Nobody should have to read the frustrations of you, Geoff, Keith Blayney, Jonathan Wilcox or Bill Douglas. 

We should be anonymous if the PHO's, NZMA and College did what they are supposed to.

Bloody pathetic. I feel sad but justified when I see what a train wreck we find ourselves in now. Ministry have you stopped to see how you actions have wrecked primary care? Why don't you try it with the Hospital Doctors now?

I don't know Tim, after over a decade of screaming about the pending disaster all the fore mentioned authors probably all feel quite prophetic about watching the Titanic sink now...

Agree with all the above comments. We need a realistic capitation "catch up" to compensate for years of erosion before we tweak it any further. I also fear that changing the formula will give a green light for even more work to be dumped on Primary Care without adequate resourcing. 

We are not alone