Funding sought so all PHOs, practices can go with health care home


Funding sought so all PHOs, practices can go with health care home

A Budget bid is in play as the Health Care Home Collaborative seeks help to expand the health care home model of care
“We just don’t have the capacity to expand the model of care…We really do run on the smell of an oily rag” A Budget bid of about $200,000 is soug


Right on Bryan.


So thats why there are more urgent care doctors these days


Because they feel represented...

If Healthcare Homes are so cost effective and "business efficient" as claimed, why is there a need to put a hand out for Government financial support?

I wonder what proportion of "owner-operator" small business GP practices really believe this is the way to go?

My personal opinion is they're more "business efficient" because we actually work harder. I'm doing a lot more ManageMyHealth™ and sorting stuff out outside of already fully booked consultation time thanks to this new model of Care it seems. To me it does seem to be about thrashing the dwindling resource that is the rare and endangered GP. 

The upside is that the huddle and telephone triage give variety to your day. However I personally find the telephone triage generates extra work and you're more likely to double book yourself when there are no appointments left; so as far as the consumer goes the service is enhanced. N.B. It definitely needs money added to it to stay cost neutral!

Geoff Cunningham - you are obviously not paid large amounts of money to promote it I trust.