Of flashing lights, fighting the good fight, trusting the team and the data

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Of flashing lights, fighting the good fight, trusting the team and the data

Peter Moodie
Karori Medical Centre founding GP partner Peter Moodie says knowing he is about to leave medical practice makes it even more enjoyable

Bold investment early on and always being up for the next big thing. GP Peter Moodie, former Pharmac medical director, retires soon from Karori Medical Centre, a practice he co-founded. Dr Moodie talks with Virginia McMillan

I thought they might moan...or say ‘I’m glad you’re going, because you’re horrible’, but they are shaking my hand and saying congratulations It w, Peter Moodie


Enjoy your retirement Peter.

Somehow I doubt it is the last we will see of you!

Best wishes for the future Peter. What an inspiration.

Many thanks for all of your hard work Peter. It saddens me how far ahead General Practice would be today if the Primary Care Working Group Report was adopted at the time (and the plague that is VLCA dropped in favour of a more equable targeted single funding model).

Even this Minister isn't clever enough to see it, instead kicking the can down the road until 2021 in what looks will potentially be a totally disconnected report that may spell disaster for us.

Thank you Peter for your leadership and inspiration. I cannot think of anybody whose retirement has been better earned. I hope Richard is right. 

Peter I don't think your influence in Pharmac with respect to the value and effectiveness of General Practice has been truly recognised. I think this will gradually spread to other parts of the health sector. 

I hope we hear more from you.